Throwback to late summer days & homemade brunches

written by Sally Hills January 3, 2018

What wouldn’t I give to be tucking into this delicious brunch right now…

I’m very fortunate to live with two amazing friends, one of whom – Markus Lukas – is a former chef and thinks nothing of cooking us up incredible, restaurant quality dishes. He doesn’t even mind veganising his dishes – in fact he relishes the opportunity to give it a shot and always serves up the most flavoursome food! One dish in particular was this delicious brunch that he made when he first moved into our flat in late Summer/early Autumn.

In his own words (he’s such a chef!):

“A trio of tartines – Fried aubergine slices with Sriracha chickpeas and sweet corn, topped with grilled flat peaches | Mashed chilli avocado with slices fresh radish, pulse mix and baby watercress | Classic tomato and onion bruschetta mix with basil and watercress salad, all served on toasted ciabatta.”

The fried aubergine slices with Sriracha chickpeas tartine was my favourite because of the spicy Sriracha kick – take me back to September! I love all the seasons, but today I could do with a little sunshine!!

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When I first became vegan I thought that I may be a bit of an outcast but it has proved nothing like that, with friends and family getting in on the act also – some are now doing Veganuary and others – like Mark and Linds – love to create new dishes with me (over a cava of course!). And not forgetting the dudes that have taken, or offered to take me out for vegan food – keep ’em coming lads! 😉

A dedication to Linds, my kind-hearted, crazy cava-swirling friend and flatmate coming soon! 😀

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