Nutty alcoholic brownies

written by Sally Hills April 27, 2018

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been away so long, lots has been going on…. let me explain πŸ™‚

First and foremost, my lovely mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. At first we thought she would need an operation and radiotherapy only, however she is now going through chemotherapy πŸ™ Being the strong woman that she is, she hasn’t leaned on us at all although we have all thrown ourselves at her! Poor woman! 😊 While I’ve always known that family is everything, I realised I no longer want to be an hour away. So I put an offer in on a house in my hometown in Kent, and it was accepted a few days later! So all going well, I will hopefully be home and nearby in the summer 💙

And as always is the case when you have something going on, work seems to get ridiculously busy! Thankfully the pressure should reduce a bit soon which will give me more time to do the things I want to do… like look after my mum, see family & friends, decorate & furnish my new house and cook up delicious vegan food for me and everyone that wants to visit! Which brings me to this brownie…

This time last week it was my Birthday and I was insistent on making a Birthday cake! Which then evolved into brownies… as everyone loves a brownie! I told my mum not to make anything, to rest up and save her energy.. but did she listen? Hell no. She never listens.. she went and made two cakes for good measure! Pics on Insta 😊

Anyways, ALL the cakes were delicious (and vegan) and I headed back to London a few lbs heavier than I arrived! If you want an energy dense, utterly delicious, alcoholic, warming brownie; look no further! Recipe below 😊


5 tablespoons avocado oil

200 g dairy-free dark chocolate

200g self-raising flour

3 heaped teaspoons cocoa powder

180g sugar (I used caster sugar and coconut sugar)

1 tsp sea salt

3 tsp vanilla essence

250 ml unsweetened oat milk

100g pecan nuts

100g flaked almonds

Two shots of hazelnut vodka


– Pre-heat the oven at 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4

– Melt 150g of chocolate and let cool a little

– Chop the rest of the chocolate into chunks

– Chop the pecans

– Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl

– Stir in the sugar

– Gradually stir in the oat milk, melted chocolate, salt, oil, vodka & vanilla essence into the flour and cocoa powder

– Stir in the remaining chocolate chunks, almonds and most of the pecans (leave some to stop)

– Pour into a brownie tin lined with baking paper and scatter the remainder of the pecans on top

– Pop in the over for 20-25 mins

Et voila!


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