My current favourite pre-workout snack!

written by Sally Hills January 10, 2018

A few people have asked me recently if I eat a snack before working out! On the days that I hit the gym, I usually go first thing in the morning before work (like today) and work out fasted (i.e. I don’t eat anything before). I find these days the best for burpees and other HIIT moves as I feel lighter and more nimble!

However when I go to CrossFit (around 2-3 times a week – funnily enough my most intense workouts!), I head there after work. I absolutely love going to CrossFit after work, there’s nothing like it for working off the stresses of the work day! I normally eat my lunch between 12-1pm which leaves quite a considerable gap between lunch, CrossFit at 6pm and dinner at around 7/8pm. So what I have started doing recently (on the advice of my sister’s boyfriend Greg), is to have a little snack around two hours before CrossFit. I find a quick piece of fruit on the go works for me when I don’t have a lot of time, but when I do have more time, I love a sliced apple with some kind of nut butter. A quick and easy snack that combines both protein and a healthy carbohydrate…

This pic shows MyProtein’s triple nut butter (pictured second) as I’m trying it out, but my favourite has got to be their cashew butter – it’s the most delicious, addictive thing going! Those of you following me Insta will have seen a few posts from me about cashew butter! 🙂 I also like to sprinkle some mixed seeds and some cacao (as seen in the pic) for the added fibre, vitamins and minerals!

I’d love to hear about other healthy pre-workout snacks, so if you have any please let me know!

Love Sal x

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