Go on Starbucks – another chain to up their vegan game!

written by Sally Hills February 5, 2018

Starbucks has quite literally sorted me out today…. after a terrific yet crazy Hen Weekend for my beautiful bride-to-be sister; I was in need of something substantial yet quick for lunch. Aside from feeling a bit tired and hungry (too many Heinekens obviously didn’t have anything to do with it… !), getting back to work today has been surprisingly ok! This wrap certainly helped and was yummy – BBQ pulled jackfruit (addictive!), carrot, slaw and spinach leaves in a whole wheat seeded wrap. I ordered mine accompanied by an oat milk hot chocolate ♥ If you love oat milk & chocolate, you will be in heaven!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Starbucks – an amazing step in the right direction for us veganistas (all you need to do now is make your cups recyclable for the environmentally-friendly)! 😀

Next up I’m trying Starbucks’ five grain oatmeal – “Oats made with coconut cream and soy milk, golden linseeds, red and wild rice, and spiced with cinnamon”-  sounds bloody delish!

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