Anyone for some schlag creme?!

written by Sally Hills December 28, 2017

Here are three puds that I made and demolished over Christmas, all involving this delicious, amazing-named vegan squirty cream!

😍 You scchlaaaaaag (for those of you that love a bit of Gavin & Stacey!). This delight is “schlagcreme” by @schlagfix 😂 Found in a small health foods shop in Chatham, I would highly recommend if you haven’t already tried it, it is just like original squirty cream 👌🏼

I made two banoffee pies over Christmas (see pics 2 & 3), one for Christmas day & one for Boxing day 😋😋 The base was made from digestive light biscuits crushed up with melted #dairyfree butter, and topped with sliced banana and caramel (the caramel made by simmering full fat coconut milk & sugar on a low heat until it caramelised). Then on went the squirty cream & some grated dark chocolate with cherry (a couple of squares of Great British Black Forest Gateau Pudding Bar, from @Sainsbury

The first pic is of a superfast-to-assemble pud (or pre-crossfit snack today 🙈 So healthy huh, but it gave me the energy I needed for a brilliant sesh this eve!). Made from squirty cream, pecans, dark choc & dried cherries! Absolutely yummy, my sweet tooth isn’t going anywhere soon!

Dontcha just love the Christmas season!! 🙌🎄😎

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