About me

Sally🌿 Vegan food lover & life blogger 🏋Fit & healthy ❤ Living the best life I can!

Hey, I’m Sally and I am passionate about all things vegan since giving Veganuary a whirl in January 2017 ♥

Who am I? I’m a kind hearted, fun loving 30-something girl who typically spends her days working on projects in the City of London, getting her sweat on after work at Crossfit Central London, and spending her evenings & weekends with family & friends. I love nothing more than to seek new ways to live a vegan life without forcing it on anyone else! I blog about my life in general, with a focus on new vegan eats, recipes and products that I’ve discovered. I also have a tendency to chat about travel, how I’m surviving my hangovers and my efforts in the gym!

This pic was taken by my sister Nat on Christmas Day 🙂 A fab day with family; spent eating delicious food, guzzling lots of wine and laughing along playing the Xbox & Cards Against Humanity! Bloody love Christmas. Happy days indeed 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading. Please get in touch via Instagram or by commenting on my posts, I’d love to hear from you ♥