About me

Sally🌿 Vegan food lover & life blogger 🏋Fit & healthy ❤ Living the best life I can!

Hello, I’m Sally and I am passionate about all things vegan since giving Veganuary a whirl in January 2017 ♥

Who am I? I’m a kind hearted, fun loving 30-something girl who typically spends my days working as a Business Analyst on projects in the City of London, getting my sweat on after work at Crossfit Central London, and spending evenings & weekends either doing up my new pad or with family & friends. I love nothing more than to seek new ways to live a vegan life without forcing it on anyone else! I blog about my life in general, with a focus on new vegan eats, recipes and products that I’ve discovered.

Hope you enjoy reading. Please get in touch via Instagram or by commenting on my posts, I’d love to hear from you ♥